You May Be Eligible for Food Assistance!

Snap Benefits Food Stamps

If you apply for “SNAP” (also known as food stamps)

Your house and car do not count against you;

If you are a low-income senior, your savings won’t disqualify you; and

Seniors get extra credit for SNAP for some health care expenses when the total expenses exceed $35 per month. Here are some examples of eligible expenses:

Premiums for Medicare, Part D, & other health insurances

Prescription medicines and hospital and doctor co-payments

Costs at the dentist or for eye exams, glasses, hearing aides

Over-the-counter medications, supplies, and equipment that have been approved by your health provider

Transportation costs to & from health providers

Costs for a specially trained service animal

Applying for SNAP Online

You may apply for free at: http://www.Myflorida.Com/accessflorida/

If you don’t have internet at home, you may use a computer at your nearest public library. The librarians can help you find SNAP application information online.

Never use application services that charge fees to tell you whether you are eligible for benefits. Applying for SNAP is free!

If You Don’t Know How to Use a Computer

Visit a local Department of Children and Families Service Center or ACCESS Community Partner. Staff at these offices will help you apply.

Call 211, 311, the United Way, or your county human services office and ask where to apply for Florida food assistance

If Your Food Benefits Are Denied, Delayed, or Stopped

Call the Florida Senior Legal Helpline for free legal advice at 1-888-895-7873.