You May Be Eligible for Food Assistance!

Snap Benefits Food Stamps

If you apply for “SNAP” (also known as food stamps)

  • Your house and car do not count against you
  • If you are a low-income senior, your savings won’t disqualify you
  • Seniors get extra credit for SNAP for some health care expenses when the total expenses exceed $35 per month. Here are some examples of eligible expenses:
    • Premiums for Medicare, Part D, & other health insurances
    • Prescription medicines and hospital and doctor co-payments
    • Costs at the dentist or for eye exams, glasses, hearing aides
    • Over-the-counter medications, supplies, and equipment that have been approved by your health provider
    • Transportation costs to & from health providers
    • Costs for a specially trained service animal

Applying for SNAP Online

  • You may apply for free at: https://www.Myflorida.Com/accessflorida/
  • If you don’t have internet at home, you may use a computer at your nearest public library. The librarians can help you find SNAP application information online.
  • Never use application services that charge fees to tell you whether you are eligible for benefits. Applying for SNAP is free!

If You Don’t Know How to Use a Computer

  • Visit a local Department of Children and Families Service Center or ACCESS Community Partner. Staff at these offices will help you apply.
  • Call 211, 311, the United Way, or your county human services office and ask where to apply for Florida food assistance

If Your Food Benefits Are Denied, Delayed, or Stopped

  • Call the Florida Senior Legal Helpline for free legal advice at 1-888-895-7873.