Be Scam Aware

Learn more about these common scams:


Be skeptical. The key to every scammer’s success is being able to touch an emotional nerve so that you’re not thinking rationally, but emotionally. Scammers are experts at getting your phone number, home address, email address, social security number, and other personal information. Scammers often target individuals who have already been victimized by a scam. Online shopping makes fraud easier.

Veterans are frequent targets of scammers. AARP and the Postal Service developed a program called Operation Protect Veterans to fight fraud.

You can protect yourself from unwanted scam and robo-calls by signing up for the Florida Do Not Call List and the National Do Not Call Registry.

AARP developed a Fraud Watch Network with a scam tracking map of reported fraud.

Report that Scam

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Internet Crime Complaint Center

Postal Inspection Service